Bulgoksan Korea mountain view in seasons change

Last weekend the weather was really cold 14(-10 degree) and the cold wind is blowing that the sensory temperature was 1.4(-17degree). Even the weather was cold, I hiked the mountain where is in near my home. This is because I wanted to keep my leg strong for skiing in 2 weeks after.:) It is Bulgoksan mountain and the height of the mountain is 312.9m that it takes about 1hour to reach the top.

I hiked more than 30 times in this mountain, and I could see the change of the mountain view as a change of season. I took pictures in different season in same mountain.

On Feburary 8th 2014- Winter



On December 7th 2014-Winter after a little snow



On Octover 30th 2014-Autumn


On July 31st 2014-Summer


The best season for hiking in Korea is definitely Autumn, especially before the fall leaves. Autumn is the most beautiful and also the temperature is nice to hike. However, if you also also want to hike in winter be sure for preparing hiking equipment: hiking shoes, mask and gloves. Normally ground is slippery in winter, after the rain or snow came that wearing the good shoes are important for safety. Also if the cold wind is blowing a lot, the mask is essential for keeping you warm.

Thanks for reading.:)