Cheong-gye-san mountain hiking story

Cheong-gye-san(청계산) mountain is extended from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do(경기도), and it is one of the popular mountains which many Korean visit. After the Cheonggyesan station opened on 2011, going to the Cheong-gye-san got more convenient. I hiked the Cheong-gye-san(청계산) mountains in weekend as it is easy to go the mountain if I take new Shinbundang Line.


Take the gate 3 exit and walk through the road, you could see the Wonteogol(원터골) passageway. I’ve walked the below course which is about 1.86miles(3km) and it took about 1hr 30min. The Maebong peak is 1911ft(582.5m).

“Wonteogol Entrance->Wonteogol Yaksuteo(mineral spring)->Kkalttakgogae Ridge->Heliport->Maebong Peak.” If you like to know more about the Cheong-gye-san’s course click here.

If you keep walking you could find the Cheong-gye-san mountain’s entrance. The weather was good and it was weekend that I could see lots of people were hiking the mountain. If you hike the 청계산 you could see many huge rocks.


One of the rock which you can see in below is called Door rock(돌문바위) as the rock has a open space like a opened door.


In above picture’s sign it says ‘Receive the vital force of Mt. Cheong-gye'(청계산의 정기를 듬뿍 받아가세요). I could see many people are walking around the rock.


This is just before the top of the mountain. The view was awesome and I could see the Jamsil-dong with lotte building.


The road just before the top of the mountain is quite steep.


This is the top of the mountain.

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