Seoul Travel-Seongsu Hand-made Shoe Streeet

When I meet my friends we usually meet in Gangnam which is the hot place in Seoul, but me and my friends met in Gangnam in a couple of times and got bored that we wanted to go somewhere we didn’t visit before.
So we decided to meet in ‘Seongsu Handmade Shoes Street’. This Handmade shoe Street is currently one of the places where recently the local people go often with friends. From 70s Seongsu was the place for the factories but many factories are closed after the manufacturing industry got declined in Korea because of the Chinese cheaper labor. So the Seongsu city’s population also got decreased.
On early 2000’s there was a change in Seongsu city. Before most of the shoe was made in mass production with the machine in Seongsu, but from 2010 many Handmade shoe shops got opened.

In above picture, the green color is the way of going up the Seoul subway. Usually, the subway is in under the road in Seoul, but the Seongsu Station is on upper the road.

The subway is passing in the upper side of bridge which is in the picture.

You can see the shoes in the above picture’s left side. One of the fun thing to look around the Seongsu town is, it is like finding the shoes picture puzzle. There are lots of spot where we can find the shoe picture.

When I walked the street I could see the pictures which are related with the shoes.

When I walk inside the street I could see the store.

This is the shop selling the leather for shoes. I could see the building is old. It seems this shop and the Seongsu city both have the history.
But not all the stores are old. After making the Seongsu town as the Hand-made Shoe Tourist Spot, many new buildings were made.

You could see the stores in this street are new.

The below sculpture seems the cat is sitting on the boots. On the sculpture it says the title is “Red dream of the cat’ and was made on 2013.

After I look around the hand-craft street with my friends, we went to the Korean Noodle soup with Chicken restaurant.

This is the main menu and the way of eating is first need to wait until is boil. When the chicken is cooked grab the chicken and other ingredients first and eat on the side plate.

The left side of the plate in the above picture is the veggies which is seasoned with the Korean red pepper paste which is called Gochujang.

I picked the chicken and the seasoned veggies together and ate. After eating the ingredients in the pot there is one more step for eating. It is like the rice porridge which is made with the remain soup.

The waiter brought the rice and putted in the pot and mixed with the soup. Also the one or two raw egg were additionally included and mixed. I had a nice lunch and then went out for the cafe for coffee with cake.

It was a great time to meet my university friends again and also it was nice to look around the Seongsu Hand-made street.

The location is in the Seongsu Station exit 3. The red box in below map is the Seongsu Hand-made shoe spot. You can go there with typing “Seongsu station” in Google map and the Seongsu station is the No.2 subway line.

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Gwangjang Market-Explore the Korean food and Clothes-Part 2

In Gwangjang Market-Explore the Korean food-Part 1 I wrote about the most famous food type, but in part 2 I will write more about my experience with the food I ate and also the clothes shopping tips. In Gwangjang market there are lots of the food markets and also the other types of the market which are selling the fabric, Korean traditional clothes…etc.

When I went to the Gywnagjang market, I first ate the Drug Kimbab(마약김밥) with the Korean fish cake(오뎅) and Tteok-bokki(떡볶이: Korean rice cake) for lunch. The good thing is it was in a one combination menu that I could taste the diverse food at a cheap price. I only paid 5000 Won(about 5 dollars).
The food taste was also good!

When I was eating the food at a street food place and I could see many people came and ordered the food that the drug Kimbab(마약김밥) all runout and they were making quickly again.

This was the street food place I ate the lunch. You see the picture you could see the chair is colored like the foil.

The good thing is heat ray was inside the chair that it was okay to eat food in cold winter even the restaurant is in outside.

After I ate lunch, I choose the Sweet Rice and Suger-filled Korean Pancake(호떡) for a dessert.

It was just cooked that the taste was so good! I walked around the market with eating the Korean pancake.

This is the daily supplies market.

There are many stores where selling the clothes and the fabric in a cheap price that people also visit the Gwangjang market for buying clothes. Normally, it is crowded on Saturday or on weekdays night that if you don’t like the crowds I recommend to go there on a weekday afternoon.

There are four tips to shop clothes in Gwangjang market.

First, decide the clothes you want to buy. Comparing the Korea department store such as Lotte, Hyundai, Shinsegae department,there are so many stores that if you don’t decide what to buy, you will be exhausted for looking all the clothes.

Second, bring the cash.

Normally, you can pay with credit card almost everywhere in Korea but not the Korea traditional market. If you try to pay with the credit card the store person doesn’t like and normally say “You have to pay 10% additional price because of the tax”. So bring the cash and pay with it.

Third, don’t accept the first price.

This will be same as the other countries market. It is possible to bargain the price and make the lower price.:) The store person might say “Basically the price is 30K won but I will give you in 10K won”.(30K KRW is about 30 USD). But don’t accept the first price and bargain the price. Then you might be able to buy at a more lower price! Also, remember the few Korean word such as “lower the price please(가격 깎아주세요)” or “It is expensive(너무 비싸요)”. The Gwangjang market’s store people are usually the old Korean that many of them can’t speak English.

If you like to know the basic Korean language which is useful for shopping click here.

The last tip is you have to know your clothes size well before starting shopping in Gwangjang market. Most of the clothes stores in the market are small that normally there is no fitting room inside the clothes stores. So it is hard to wear the clothes before purchasing that knowing your size will help you to buy the right size clothes.

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Gwangjang Market-Explore the Korean food-Part 1

My home is quite far from the Gwangjang market, but I had a chance to visit the north part of the Seoul to buy clothes, and on a way home I visited the Gwangjang Market.

This is the Seoul map and the Gwangjang market is in the red part. The arrow in the picture says Gwangjang market Korean pancake, raw beef, drug Kimbab(광장시장 전&육회&마약김밥).

After I entered the market I could see lots of people are in there.

After I passed the other market I finally went in the food market part! In Gwangjang market the below three foods are famous.

1. Drug Kimbab(마약김밥)

The reason why the drug is in the name is not it has the drug inside but it means the Kimbab is really tasty and is easy to be addicted to the drug. The size of Drug kimbab is smaller than other normal Korean Kimbab.

2. Bindaetteok(빈대떡)

Bindaetteok(빈대떡)is the mung-bean pancake and it is one of the famous traditional Korean pancakes.

3. Korean Style Raw Beef(육회)

The way of eating the Raw beef is first mix the raw beef with the egg and then eat! You can check the pictures of the step is in below.

Many people also eat the Raw Tartare Bibimbap(육회 비빔밥).

The difference of Raw tartare Bibimbap and the normal Korean Bibimbap is just the Raw Beef was added in ingredient.

-Gwangjang Market address: 88, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 창경궁로 88 (예지동)
-Gwangjang Market open hour: General stores: 08:30-18:00
Restaurants: 08:30-23:00
Clothing stores: 21:00-10:00 (Next day)

You can check the more Korean foods and the clothes shopping tips in Gwangjang Market-Explore the Korean food and clothes-Part 2 article which I will post in next week.

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Cheong-gye-san mountain hiking story

Cheong-gye-san(청계산) mountain is extended from Seoul to Gyeonggi-do(경기도), and it is one of the popular mountains which many Korean visit. After the Cheonggyesan station opened on 2011, going to the Cheong-gye-san got more convenient. I hiked the Cheong-gye-san(청계산) mountains in weekend as it is easy to go the mountain if I take new Shinbundang Line.


Take the gate 3 exit and walk through the road, you could see the Wonteogol(원터골) passageway. I’ve walked the below course which is about 1.86miles(3km) and it took about 1hr 30min. The Maebong peak is 1911ft(582.5m).

“Wonteogol Entrance->Wonteogol Yaksuteo(mineral spring)->Kkalttakgogae Ridge->Heliport->Maebong Peak.” If you like to know more about the Cheong-gye-san’s course click here.

If you keep walking you could find the Cheong-gye-san mountain’s entrance. The weather was good and it was weekend that I could see lots of people were hiking the mountain. If you hike the 청계산 you could see many huge rocks.


One of the rock which you can see in below is called Door rock(돌문바위) as the rock has a open space like a opened door.


In above picture’s sign it says ‘Receive the vital force of Mt. Cheong-gye'(청계산의 정기를 듬뿍 받아가세요). I could see many people are walking around the rock.


This is just before the top of the mountain. The view was awesome and I could see the Jamsil-dong with lotte building.


The road just before the top of the mountain is quite steep.


This is the top of the mountain.

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Busan trip-Gukje Market and Seed Pancake

One day when I was talking with my friend I said “What about going trip to Busan in new year?” And she said “Great Coll”(Coll(콜) means Okay Let’s do it in Korean)

We were in café where near with my home that I brought the laptop right way and we started to search the Busan trip. Just within 3 hours we booked the hotel and bought the KTX train ticket. This is how my Busan trip is started.


After I first arrived in Busan I came down the escalator and went to the Busan train station. The good thing is the transportation card which I used in Seoul is also worked in Busan that I didn’t need to buy metro ticket. I took the subway in Busan station and left in Jagalchi station. The voice announcement in Busan station both talk in Korean and English that it is easy to catch the station.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 2.01.45 PM

The Busan Gukje market(국제시장) got famous after the Ode To My Father(국제시장)Korean movie,which is about Korean War with North Korea in 1950, got popular. This movie surpassed 10 million ticket sales in South Korea that became 11th Korean file to surpass 10 million tickets sales.

If you visit Busan Gukje Market you should try “Korean Seed Pancake”(씨앗호떡). After the Busan Gukje Market and the seek pancake are broadcasted in famous 2days&1night Korean tv show, seed pancake got popular and became the typical snack that you should try when you visit Busan.

Normally sugar, ground walnuts and peanut are inside the Korean sweet pancake, but the Busan seed pancake has seeds instead of penut and walnuts. It was unique pancake what I can’t easily try in Seoul that I liked it. Also they give you the seed pancake in paper cup that it is easy to eat with looking around the Gukje Market.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 1.48.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 1.48.35 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 1.49.06 PM

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Climbing Bukhansan Mountain, Seoul, Korea-Beagundae course

IMG_0194Now the weather in Korea is getting warm that it is good to go hiking.:) 13 mountains which you can see in below picture are famous places in Seoul that many people prefer to go.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.13.27 AM

I hiked Mt, Bukhansan which is one of the famous mountain in Korea at the end of October last year. The name of Bukhansan pronounces as the meaning of “North Korea + mountain” in Korean, but it does not related with North Korea. It just means “Big mountain in the north of Seoul”. It has more than 10 courses, but some of the courses are rough that you have to choose the proper hiking trail according to your abilities. I chose the Bae-gun-dae track. The distance of this trail is about 2.17 mile(3.5 km) and take 2-3 hours.

How to go there?

You can go only with public transportation without car. I went there with subway and bus. First, leave in Gupabal subway station(Subway line3, Exit 1) and take bus 704 or 34 public bus, then leave in Bukkansan Mountain entrance bus stop.


The distance of the Gupabal and the Bukkansan mountain entrance bus stop is 2.73 mile(4.4km) and it will take about 21minutes. Otherwise, taking taxi from Gupabal subway is also the good way to go. Because taxi is quite cheap in Korea that it will cost about $5-6 from Gupabal station to  Bukkansanseong entrance .


When is the best time for hiking?


The best time for hiking in Korea is fall, because of the autumn leaves. Normally you can see the autumn leaves between middle of the October and early November. However, spring is warm that from March to May is also good for hiking.:)

If you hike the Mt. Bukkansan, you can see the Buddhist temples.With 1700 years of Buddhist history, almost every mountain in Korea has the Buddhist temples.

Mt.Bukhansan has the mountain fortress which is called Bukhansanseong, and It has 8 gates. If you hike this trail, you can see one of the gates which is called Bae-gun-bong-am-mun(백운봉암문 in Korean). It was built on the highest spot(attitude of 725 meters) among the fortress gates of the Bukhansanseong, and is made in 1711.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.42.39 AM

I was surprised how people built the gate in the high spot of the mountain! If you pass this gate, the top of the mountain is almost there. However, it is quite hard to climb the final trail.This is because you have to climb the steep rock and some part of it, you have to hold the rope to climb. In fact, I was really scary when I climbed the ROCK with rope.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.13.15 AMBut it was worth it!! The top of the mountain view was beautiful and I could see the whole landscape of Seoul.


This is the view of Seoul from top of the Mt.Bukhansan 🙂

IMG_0192Another peak of Bukhansan.

It was nice to enjoy the view of mountain during hiking.

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Tips for Skiing in Konjiam Resort


I went to the Konjiam ski resort on Saturday. The most big reason why I visited here is because the winter season of ski is almost over. I wanted to snowboard one more time in this season! Konjiam is near with Seoul that it is easy to go there. It took only 1hour with car from Gangnam district where is the central in Seoul. One month ago, I visited the Yongpyong ski resort where the biggest ski resort in Korea, and today I want to introduce about Konjiam with partially comparing with the Yongpyong ski resort.

The Pros and Cons which I felt after snowboarding in Konjiam ski resort are in below.


1. Starting time and finishing time for skiing is flexible that you can choose any length of time, and can

pay money depend of the time. It is called “Me-TimePass” in Konjiam resort. Also the starting time is from the time when you enter the door which you can see in below picture.


Meanwhile, Yongpyong ski resort’ ski ticket time is divided in Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night/Twilight that you can only choose the time among them. Accordingly even I want to take ski about 1-2hours, I need to buy 4hours ticket. I definitely think the ski ticket system of Konjiam is much more reasonable and convenient for the customers.

2. Don’t need to worry for losing ticket.

Yongpyong Ski ticket


Yongpyong ski resort’ ski ticket is made of paper that I had to ring in the clothes. However, it might be possible to loose the ticket, if the ticket’s ring get fall out. Actually one of my friends loose the ticket, and could not snowboard more on that day:((

Konjiam Ski ticket


Meanwhile, Konjiam ski resort is using the E-tickets that when you take the lift you just have to touch the machine with the ticket. Accordingly, you can use the ticket just by putting it inside the pocket, and you don’t have to worry about losing ti.:))

3. Reservation system in Konjiam

Konjiam started the reservation system for the first time in Korea’ ski resort that they give the admission to the limited people. So once you ski in Konjiam,  you don’t have to worry about the excessively crowded. The time for waiting the lift is not that long.


1. Konjiam ski resort is not that big. Officially Kanjiam says they have 9 slopes but actually it seems to have only 4 slopes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.33.00 AM

So comparing with the Yongpyong resort which has 20 slopes, Konjiam is small. If you’re someone who prefers to ski in diverse slopes, skiing in Konjiam would be little boring.

2. The quality of snow


Konjiam snow quality is not that bad, but Yongpyong’ snow is better than Konjiam. This is because of the location and the temperature. Konjiam is near with Seoul that the average of January temperature is -3.1degrees(26.4). On the other hand, Yongpyong resort is in the highlands that the average temperature of January is -12.6 degree(9.3).

3. The distance of parking lot and the slope is quite far that you have to walk that distance with carrying the ski or snowboard.

Who will be good to visit?

If you live in Seoul or Gyeonggi(provinces surrounding Seoul) and want to ski only for one day, I recommend you to visit here. I came here about 10 times, but only for one day or half day without sleeping in the ski resort. Accordingly, it doesn’t cost the lodging expenses that I could saved money. 🙂

You can check more information in Konjiam homepage.

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Tips for Skiing in Yongpyong Ski Resort


Yongpyong is the biggest ski and snowboard resort in Korea, and 2018 Winter Olymics will be held in Pyeongchang region where the Yongpyong ski resort is. Also, the view is beautiful that Yongpyong ski resort is the most preferred ski resort for me. 🙂 Until now I went to the Yongpyong ski resort more than 15 times, and in this year I visited twice in February.

Today I will introduce about the Yongpyong ski resort and tips for skiing or snowboarding in this resort.

1. Place you should go in the ski resort

There are two ski resorts that one is Yongpyong and the other is Alpensia. Alpensia is the brand new ski slope but it only runs about 6 slopes, meanwhile Yongpyong has 20 slopes that if you like to ski or snowboard in diverse slope, I recommend going to the Yongpyong.

If you took the Gondola in Yongpyong, you can go to the top of the mountain.


In the top of the mountain, there are coffee shop, restaurant that it is good for enjoying the view and for taking a rest. It takes about 20 minutes to arrive there with Gondola and the slope is long that usually takes 10~20minutes to go down with ski or snowboard.



This is the view in the top of the mountain. There were no clouds in the sky that the view was beautiful.

2. When taking the ski lift

The left picture is the Yongpyong ski lift and the right picture is Tahoe ski resort which is in border of California and Nevada. The difference is in the footrest bar. In Korea it is common for having the footrest bar as you can see in the lift.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.17.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.10.55 PM

However, many of the Korean take down the safety bar quickly that after you took the lift first make sure you are in the right position when the safety bar comes down.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.17.37 PM

Also some of the ski lifts in Yongpyong have the conveyor belt that it is convenient to take a lift. 🙂

3. Ski ticket


Yongpyong ski resort is still using the paper ski ticket that make sure if the ticket ring is locked well.

Before one of my friends lost the ticket during skiing, but it was impossible to reissue the ticket for free. 🙁 What they said is “There will be some of the customers who sell the reissued ticket to other people and we made the ticket to be fully locked if you locked the ticket well. So we can’t reissue the ticket”.



In my opinion, they should change the ski ticket to the electronic card as the other ski resorts that this will help people not to worry about losing the ski ticket.

Whatever, Yongpyong resort’ snow quality is good that I really enjoyed skiing and snowboarding.

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Bulgoksan Korea mountain view in seasons change

Last weekend the weather was really cold 14(-10 degree) and the cold wind is blowing that the sensory temperature was 1.4(-17degree). Even the weather was cold, I hiked the mountain where is in near my home. This is because I wanted to keep my leg strong for skiing in 2 weeks after.:) It is Bulgoksan mountain and the height of the mountain is 312.9m that it takes about 1hour to reach the top.

I hiked more than 30 times in this mountain, and I could see the change of the mountain view as a change of season. I took pictures in different season in same mountain.

On Feburary 8th 2014- Winter



On December 7th 2014-Winter after a little snow



On Octover 30th 2014-Autumn


On July 31st 2014-Summer


The best season for hiking in Korea is definitely Autumn, especially before the fall leaves. Autumn is the most beautiful and also the temperature is nice to hike. However, if you also also want to hike in winter be sure for preparing hiking equipment: hiking shoes, mask and gloves. Normally ground is slippery in winter, after the rain or snow came that wearing the good shoes are important for safety. Also if the cold wind is blowing a lot, the mask is essential for keeping you warm.

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