Seoul Travel-Seongsu Hand-made Shoe Streeet

When I meet my friends we usually meet in Gangnam which is the hot place in Seoul, but me and my friends met in Gangnam in a couple of times and got bored that we wanted to go somewhere we didn’t visit before.
So we decided to meet in ‘Seongsu Handmade Shoes Street’. This Handmade shoe Street is currently one of the places where recently the local people go often with friends. From 70s Seongsu was the place for the factories but many factories are closed after the manufacturing industry got declined in Korea because of the Chinese cheaper labor. So the Seongsu city’s population also got decreased.
On early 2000’s there was a change in Seongsu city. Before most of the shoe was made in mass production with the machine in Seongsu, but from 2010 many Handmade shoe shops got opened.

In above picture, the green color is the way of going up the Seoul subway. Usually, the subway is in under the road in Seoul, but the Seongsu Station is on upper the road.

The subway is passing in the upper side of bridge which is in the picture.

You can see the shoes in the above picture’s left side. One of the fun thing to look around the Seongsu town is, it is like finding the shoes picture puzzle. There are lots of spot where we can find the shoe picture.

When I walked the street I could see the pictures which are related with the shoes.

When I walk inside the street I could see the store.

This is the shop selling the leather for shoes. I could see the building is old. It seems this shop and the Seongsu city both have the history.
But not all the stores are old. After making the Seongsu town as the Hand-made Shoe Tourist Spot, many new buildings were made.

You could see the stores in this street are new.

The below sculpture seems the cat is sitting on the boots. On the sculpture it says the title is “Red dream of the cat’ and was made on 2013.

After I look around the hand-craft street with my friends, we went to the Korean Noodle soup with Chicken restaurant.

This is the main menu and the way of eating is first need to wait until is boil. When the chicken is cooked grab the chicken and other ingredients first and eat on the side plate.

The left side of the plate in the above picture is the veggies which is seasoned with the Korean red pepper paste which is called Gochujang.

I picked the chicken and the seasoned veggies together and ate. After eating the ingredients in the pot there is one more step for eating. It is like the rice porridge which is made with the remain soup.

The waiter brought the rice and putted in the pot and mixed with the soup. Also the one or two raw egg were additionally included and mixed. I had a nice lunch and then went out for the cafe for coffee with cake.

It was a great time to meet my university friends again and also it was nice to look around the Seongsu Hand-made street.

The location is in the Seongsu Station exit 3. The red box in below map is the Seongsu Hand-made shoe spot. You can go there with typing “Seongsu station” in Google map and the Seongsu station is the No.2 subway line.

Thanks for reading.:)