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Hi there!

Let me introduce myself. I was born in Seoul and grown up in Korea. I graduated Spanish literature major in university and now I’m working in a foreign company.

Purpose of the blog

When I travel or live in other countries the most curious thing is how the local people live and what they think. As I was curious about other countries’ local people life, I’m sure there would be someone who is interested in Korean life and Korea society. I lived my whole life in Korea that I thought it will be fun for introducing about Real Korea Life and Korea culture base in Korean aspect. If you’re curious about Korea you came in the right place.:)

One of my purposes of my blog is to introduce about Korea what could be interesting or questioned for you. I hope you will have fun and get the helpful information on my blog. If you have any questions about Korea, leave a comment or send an email to allkoreaculture@gmail.com. I will try to answer the questions specifically by writing articles about the questions in this blog.

Welcome to the allkoreaculture.com blog!!!!!

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