4 unusual things about Korean culture

Each country has a different culture and the people habits are also different. Some of the Korea life cultures might be surprised to you. Today I will introduce 5 Korean common habits which I’ve heard it is wired from foreigners.

1. Leave the laptop on the table and go washroom

If you are in Korea, you might see many people leave the laptop when they go the washroom. I was in a coffee shop in Korea with US friend and she asked me “why people leave the laptop on the table? Aren’t people stole the laptop if it is on the table in public place?”
Before I’ve didn’t think seriously about my laptop could be stolen if I leave in public place. I think it is one of the cultures in Asia. Many people in Japan also leave their laptop on a table in a coffee shop and go the washroom. I saw some person leave a laptop on a cafe table, came back in 1 hour and it was still there.

2. Put Smart Phone or purse on table to save a seat

If you visit the restaurant and cafe you could see some people put the smartphone on a table to save a seat. I could see fewer people do than 3-5 years before, but still, there are few people who do put the smartphone on the table and leave there in few minutes. You could see in Japan too.

That doesn’t mean theft doesn’t exist in Korea. But the pickpockets and thieves are not high in Korea that people don’t worry for their stuff to be stolen.

2. Go toilet with friends

When I was in elementary school from fist grade to third grade, I could see many of the girl students went to the washroom together and even some of them went inside the toilet together.
This is because I assume young girl students thought going toilet together is one of the proof they could show to others as “WE ARE CLOSE FRIEND”.

When the students go to the upper grades in elementary school, fewer students go inside the toilet together, but many of them got the washroom together. I think it is one of the Korea friendship cultures.

3. Cross arm with the same sex

When you walk on the street in Korea you could easily see the girls and women walking with arms linked around the elbows, touching skin-on-skin. Or sometimes you could see the girls are holding hands with they are walking. I’ve heard there are other Asian countries where also has this similar culture. In Korea, cross arm with a friend is not mean the homosexual relationship. It is just the one of the expression that they are close.

4. Go clinic often

Much Korean go clinic(small private hospital) even with the little cold. Definitely, Korean go clinic goes often than American. But it does not mean Korean got cold more often than American.
Korea medical fee is much cheaper than the US. When people go clinic for cold in Korea it cost about $4 for a check-up and cost about $5 for the medicine. This is because every Korea citizen is registered in Korea national health insurance and much of them additionally registered in private health insurance. Accordingly, it does not cost a lot for going a clinic, especially with the light cold.

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