How Korean make Kimchi in home?-Part 1 Shopping

Kimchi is one of the essential food for Korean and people eat it at nearly every meal. Now many Korean buy the packed Kimchi product but still lots of Korean families make Kimchi in a home. Today I will introduce about what I went shopping today for buying Kimchi making ingredients.

This is the packed Kimchi. Making Kimchi is a hard work that many people buy packed Kimchi instead making it.

Kimjang(김장) is the traditional process of preparing cabbages for fermentation into Kimchi. Usually, cabbage for Kimchi is most delicious in November that Korean usually do the Kimjang between the end of the November and early December. My family planned to do the Kimjang in next Monday(Dec. 5th) that me and my mom went the big market for buying the ingredients.


In above picture, it says ‘Kimjang vegetable collection'(김장채소 모음전). Currently, it is the Kimjang season in Korea that the market I went today made the new sell section only for selling the Kimjang ingredient.


There are many kinds of Kimchi but broadly it is divided into cabbage kimchi and radish Kimchi. My mom decided to make the radish Kimchi which is called Kkakdugi(깍두기) in Korean that we bought the radish.

It is my cart for Gimjang shopping. It got full of the radish and other Kimjang ingredients.

For making the Kimchi, first the cabbage needs to be salted. But it needs a lot of effort to put the salt in every cabbage leaf as you can see in below that many Korean buy the cabbage which is already salted.


The below picture is the salted cabbage for Kimjang. Many people buy the salted cabbage even it is little expensive than a normal unsalted cabbage. When people make 30~50 cabbage of Kimchi, one family in 4 members could eat for one year.


After I picked up the radish, me and mom went for buying Jeotgal(salted seafood/젓갈).


In above picture, it says “Kimjang Jeotgal event(김장 젓갈 행사)”. Jeotgal(젓갈) is a salted fermented food Korean cuisine and it is made with various seafood, such as shrimp, oyeters, shellfish, fish eggs…etc. In my home, we usually use the shrimp Jeotgal when making a Kimchi. You can check the shrimp Jeotgal in below picture.


Thanks for reading.:) In next time, I will introduce making Kimchi in a home with the Kimchi ingredient I bought today.