What does the North Korea leader drinks for a Hangover

You might have heard Kim il-song is the North Korea’s first supreme leader. Current North Korea’s leader is Kim jung-un, and his grandfather is Kim il-song. Today I will introduce about North Korea’s ‘Kim il-song hangover drink’ which leaders drank.

After many North Korean defectors came to South Korea, we could have more info. about North Korea and some TV programs started broadcasting the North Korea’s life and culture. “Kim il-song hangover drink”(김일성 해장차) was also broadcasted in South Korea cable channel.

There is Live Long Lab in North Korea just for the North Korea leader health care, and this lab regularly made hangover drink to Kim il-song and Kim il-song.

1. Potato peel tea

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 7.22.44 AM

The North Korea leaders usually had the potato peel tea in the morning after drinking. Gardenia seeds are included only in above Potato peel tea and you could check the above and below picture’s Potato peel tea has different color.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 7.24.55 AM

The way of making it is first dry the potato peel which is washed. If you use a microwave, you can dry the peel more easily. And then fry the potato peel in a pan. After that there are two ways of making a tea. First way is just boil the dried peel with water. Second way is grind the peel into powder and put it in warm water.

2. Burdock, Milk Vetch Root tea

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 7.24.17 AM

Burdock and Milk vetch root are common oriental medicine ingredient. North Korea leaders also had this tea in the morning after drinking. The way of making ‘Burdock, milk vetch root tea’ is similar with Potato peel tea. First dry the ingredients and then boil the water with dried burdock and milk vetch root.

In South Korea we have different kinds of hangover food and drink. In fact, even I lived my whole life in South Korea, I’ve never heard these kinds of North Korea’s hangover drinks before.

Next time I will introduce South Korea’s hangover food.

Thanks for reading.:)