7 Types of Korean Jjamppong

Jjamppong is popular Korean spicy noodle soup with all kinds of ingredients mixed in. There are many Korean Chinese restaurant in Korea sell both Jjamppong and Jajangmyeon. Did you know that there are 6 different types of Jjamppong as there are 7 types of Korean Jajangmyeon? Today I will introduce 6 types of Jjamppong.

1. Original Jjamppong(짬뽕)

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General Jjamppong uses seasonal vegetables and seafood such as squid, clam and mussel with red pepper powder to taste spicy. Current Korean Jjamppong is red and hot, but until 1970’s normal Korean Jjamppong colored watery and gray. There were many Korean who liked spicy taste and they requested Korean Chinese restaurant to make a spicy Jjamppong. After that both not spicy and spicy Jjamppong were existed for a while, but later people called the Jjamppong only the spicy ones. Usually both Jjamppong and Jajangmyeon noodle is same and uses diverse seafood and veggies for ingredient.

2. Gul-Jjamppong(굴짬뽕)

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Gul means oyster in Korean. Gul Jjamppong has light and cool taste as it uses the white soup instead of red pepper powder. It seems not spicy but has chilli for Gul Jjamppong’s ingredient that it tastes little spicy.

3. Samsun Jjampong(삼선짬뽕)

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Samsun means three kinds of miraculous powers; first came from heaven(usually Pheasant Meat), Second came from land(usually Songi-mushroom which is one type of Korean mushroom), and third came from sea(usually sea cucumber). Samsun Jjampong has these three ingredients in additional comparing the normal Jjampong. However, Songi-mushroom is expensive that many Korean Chinese restaurant additionally use seafood such as squid, oyster, sea cucumber, clam…etc. instead of Songi-muchroom(송이버섯). Samsun Jjampong is expensive than normal Jjampong as it uses more ingredients and Samsun Jjampong soup is spicy as normal Jjampong.

4. Nagasaki Jjamppong(나가사키 짬뽕)

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This is Japanese Nagasaki Jjamppong. Soup is not spicy and uses chicken and the bone of the pork for the meat broth. It is popular for Japan’s Nagasaki local dish and more similar with Korean Udon noodle which is served in Korea Chinese restaurant.

5. Bibim Jjamppong(비빔짬뽕)

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The below picture is the one after I mixed the sauce and the noodles well with chopsticks.

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Bibim means ‘mixed’ in Korean. Bibim word is also used in Bibim-bop(비빔밥) which is served as a bowl of rice topped with divers vegetables and egg. If Bibim is in Korean food vocabulary, you can assume those food does not have soup.

The ingredient of Bibim Jjamppong is same with Jjamppong and the only difference is in whether has soup or not. Normally Bibim Jjamppong is more spicy than normal Jjamppong. However Bibim Jjamppong is only served in few Korean Chinese restaurant that I also didn’t see the restaurant where it sells Bibim Jjamppong.

6. Jjamppong Bop(짬뽕밥)

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Bop(밥) means rice in Korean. Jjamppong Bop does not has normal noodle. It has little glass noodles(made of sweet potato starch gel) instead of normal noodle(made of flour) in a soup. Also rice is served separately or within the Jjamppong soup.

7.Pepper Jjamppong(고추짬뽕)

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Pepper Jjamppong is the most lately created food. The founder said he got an idea from people eating Jajangmyeon with adding dried red pepper in it. Statistically Korean people usually eat more spicy food in economic depression and Korea economy was in IMF crisis(financial crises) in late 1990s. The founder wanted to cheer the people so made new pepper Jjamppong. It uses Cheongyang red pepper which is the most spicy type of pepper in Korean pepper.

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