Busan trip-Gukje Market and Seed Pancake

One day when I was talking with my friend I said “What about going trip to Busan in new year?” And she said “Great Coll”(Coll(콜) means Okay Let’s do it in Korean)

We were in café where near with my home that I brought the laptop right way and we started to search the Busan trip. Just within 3 hours we booked the hotel and bought the KTX train ticket. This is how my Busan trip is started.


After I first arrived in Busan I came down the escalator and went to the Busan train station. The good thing is the transportation card which I used in Seoul is also worked in Busan that I didn’t need to buy metro ticket. I took the subway in Busan station and left in Jagalchi station. The voice announcement in Busan station both talk in Korean and English that it is easy to catch the station.

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The Busan Gukje market(국제시장) got famous after the Ode To My Father(국제시장)Korean movie,which is about Korean War with North Korea in 1950, got popular. This movie surpassed 10 million ticket sales in South Korea that became 11th Korean file to surpass 10 million tickets sales.

If you visit Busan Gukje Market you should try “Korean Seed Pancake”(씨앗호떡). After the Busan Gukje Market and the seek pancake are broadcasted in famous 2days&1night Korean tv show, seed pancake got popular and became the typical snack that you should try when you visit Busan.

Normally sugar, ground walnuts and peanut are inside the Korean sweet pancake, but the Busan seed pancake has seeds instead of penut and walnuts. It was unique pancake what I can’t easily try in Seoul that I liked it. Also they give you the seed pancake in paper cup that it is easy to eat with looking around the Gukje Market.

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