Why Korean say Cool when eating the spicy food-Part 2

Today I will introduce the situation of using the “Cool” meaning except in food.

1. When the pee came out
Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 7.25.25 PM

People say Cool as expressing the cool feeling when just after the pee came out. To be more concrete, the word “Cool” means the good feeling of the impurities came out well from the body in this situation. But don’t say “Shi-won-ha-da”(Cool) in Korean to somebody else you are not familiar with. Koreanonly say to really close friends.

2. When scrubbing off the dead skin from the body.

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Korea has a unique culture in Korean bathhouse. Getting naked and scrubbed down.

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This is the scrubbing towel which Korean use and it is called “Italy towel” or “ttamiri towels”(때밀이 타울) in Korean. Instead of using a soft loofa, Korean use wash cloths that aren’t very nice. However, Korean who say cool are enjoying this painful feeling. As it has the hurt feeling, it produces excellent results in getting rid of the dust in the body. When the dirt is coming off from the skin during scrubbing, they feel the body is getting clean and eliminating the waste from the body. This is why they say “Cool” when scrubbing the body.

3. When having a massage
Normally, older Korean prefer to have very strong massage.

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When having a massage it could be felt a little painful but also could have a good feeling at the same time. Because it helps the muscle to get recover from the fatigue. Many Korean say “Cool” in this situation, especially who are old. I think they feel the pain as the muscle is getting relax.

4. When soaking in a hot tub

Korean say “Cool” for the hot feeling when they are in hot tub.

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One of the Korean characteristics what you can see from the number 2,3,4 is partly Korean enjoy the painful impression. My mother sometimes say “Cool” while she takes the shower. Before, I checked the water temperature when she was taking a shower, but it was really hot for me that I could not imagine taking shower in that hot water.

These four situations are the general situation when Korean say “Cool”. If there is other general times to say “Cool” please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.:)