Lightning meeting in Han river

Lightning meeting is the Korean slang which usually used on internet sites to spontaneously meet offline for drinking and partying, and also used for the emergency meeting that meeting was made suddenly on that day.

I did the Han river lightning meeting(called Han-Kang Bunge meeting/한강번개 in Korean) with my coworkers. In fact, we didn’t plan to go Han river but, the weather was so good and we spontaneously decided to go Han river after the work finish. First we bought chicken and bear(치맥 called Chi-maek) which Korean usually eat for the late-night snack. There was nothing prepared for the picnic, so we just brought newspaper instead of the mat and the food.

This is the “Octopus chicken”, which fried octopus and fried chicken are mixed. The combination of the chewy octopus and the crispy fired taste was fantastic. 🙂


Also the night view in Han river was great! I could see the Han river bridge of light and the N Seoul Tower. Seoul is getting hotter, but the night is still cool that I recommend to go Han river at night.:) I had a really had a good time with my coworkers and planning to go once again before the summer comes.

Thanks for reading.:)

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