Tips for Skiing in Yongpyong Ski Resort


Yongpyong is the biggest ski and snowboard resort in Korea, and 2018 Winter Olymics will be held in Pyeongchang region where the Yongpyong ski resort is. Also, the view is beautiful that Yongpyong ski resort is the most preferred ski resort for me. 🙂 Until now I went to the Yongpyong ski resort more than 15 times, and in this year I visited twice in February.

Today I will introduce about the Yongpyong ski resort and tips for skiing or snowboarding in this resort.

1. Place you should go in the ski resort

There are two ski resorts that one is Yongpyong and the other is Alpensia. Alpensia is the brand new ski slope but it only runs about 6 slopes, meanwhile Yongpyong has 20 slopes that if you like to ski or snowboard in diverse slope, I recommend going to the Yongpyong.

If you took the Gondola in Yongpyong, you can go to the top of the mountain.


In the top of the mountain, there are coffee shop, restaurant that it is good for enjoying the view and for taking a rest. It takes about 20 minutes to arrive there with Gondola and the slope is long that usually takes 10~20minutes to go down with ski or snowboard.



This is the view in the top of the mountain. There were no clouds in the sky that the view was beautiful.

2. When taking the ski lift

The left picture is the Yongpyong ski lift and the right picture is Tahoe ski resort which is in border of California and Nevada. The difference is in the footrest bar. In Korea it is common for having the footrest bar as you can see in the lift.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.17.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.10.55 PM

However, many of the Korean take down the safety bar quickly that after you took the lift first make sure you are in the right position when the safety bar comes down.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.17.37 PM

Also some of the ski lifts in Yongpyong have the conveyor belt that it is convenient to take a lift. 🙂

3. Ski ticket


Yongpyong ski resort is still using the paper ski ticket that make sure if the ticket ring is locked well.

Before one of my friends lost the ticket during skiing, but it was impossible to reissue the ticket for free. 🙁 What they said is “There will be some of the customers who sell the reissued ticket to other people and we made the ticket to be fully locked if you locked the ticket well. So we can’t reissue the ticket”.



In my opinion, they should change the ski ticket to the electronic card as the other ski resorts that this will help people not to worry about losing the ski ticket.

Whatever, Yongpyong resort’ snow quality is good that I really enjoyed skiing and snowboarding.

Thanks for reading.:)



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  3. Hi! Thanks for your info. Is it true that in Yongpyong , there is no multiple day lift tickets and gear rental? Means that everyday, we have to buy passes and rent gear in the morning and return at the end of the day?

    • Yeah. When I check the Yongpyong website, I assume you could only rent for one day. But if you rent the ski from the other ski rent shops near the Yongpyong ski resort, you could rent for multiple days.

      You can check one of the rent shops near the Yongpyong resort in below link. It is written in Korean that just check the picture in below blog.
      I couldn’t find the English blog about the ski rent shops in Yongpyong… But there are lots of ski rent shops near the Yongpyong resort that it will be not that hard to find.

      • Dear Somi, Thanks for your reply and suggestion for other ski shops. I think it is okay for us to just rent from Yongpyong since we are staying there. Was just thinking if we could save some time if you could rent the ski gears for the whole duration of our stay

          • We usually ski in Hokkaido, where the snow is dry & powdery. Is it true that in Yongpyong the snow is icy?

          • I didn’t visit the Hokkaido before, but I’ve heard the Hokkaido snow quality is better than Yongpyong. I think the Yongpyong ski is icy than Hokkaido as the snow falls a lot in Hokkaido than Yongpyong. In Yongpyong most of the snows are artificial which came from the machine that I think it is hard to make the thick snow layer on a floor that the ice could be easily exposed.

  4. Hi….for the ski rental did you pay using korean won? My itinerary stated US dollars, so…I was wondering do I really have to pay using US dollars or I can just pay using korean won?

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